Ashrams, Organisations and Centres who are devoted to the work of Babaji, while remaining autonomous, are invited into cooperative relationships with the Jai Ho admin group.

Support by starting conversations with Babaji Ashrams, Centres and projects about developing resources of teaching and practices that have shown to be effective in other Ashrams and other settings, by organizing visits/tours to the ashrams to hold satsang, sing bhajans, provide training/support for puja, japa and meditation, give teachings and share communication skills, by facilitating conflict resolution when and where requested, exploring with Ashrams and Centres how to help with local community needs through local voluntary service projects, and encouraging businesses opportunities.

(e.g. fundraising for Cisternino Gurupurnima and Jai HO meetings with Italian devotees at last Gurupurnima, Ho’oponopono etc)

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