Japa practice

By Raghuvir

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The mail about calling Babaji is received worldwide with great enthusiasm. I would like to pass a few practical ideas to help the enthusiasm along.

Doing one mala with Om Namah Shivay takes about one minute.
To do 108000 Om Namah Shivay we first divide it by 108 ( beads ) to make it 1000 complete Mala’s. To do that in 3 days is 333 mala’s a day for about 6 hours continuous in high concentration. Not so easy but easy is not in Babaji’s dictionary. However one needs to eat and a few other things throughout the day and will be more than 6 hours. For many people with families, with work, businesses and other pressing activities it can be difficult to do in this way.

Spread out over 10 days is a 100 mala’s a day and adds up to less than 2 hours. This becomes within reach of everybody who is yearning to feel The Lord alive in their heart and join the call for Babaji to come to His assan in Herakhan once again for the benefit of humanity. Even if one spends a concentrated hour a day starting on Monday 25th January it becomes very easy to complete. Take an hour of concentrated practice with a watch and counting and make your own calculation

My personal experience of doing concentrated Japa for a prolonged time is that after some hours, you are not doing the mantra….the mantra is doing you. The body just sits, letting the beads pass thru the fingers in a certain state of bliss. Thoughts may still come and try to catch your attention but you have a choice to give in to them or stay with the mantra. To reach this it takes doing more in a shorter time.

108000 is just a nice and substantial number to really become familiar with Japa and Om Namah Shivay. Perhaps there are some heavyweights amongst us here and can double this or more. Feel free, nobody will check what you are doing and nobody wants to know. This is a deal you are making with Babaji! You do it in your time, at your convenient time and in your way. Here are some practical guidelines for those new to this practice.

Find a place where you can sit in peace without to much disturbance, possibly with your back straight and erect. If you can have a bath before, at least washed hands and face.
Keep your mala in a clean place when not in use.

Avoid using your index finger. The index finger represents the ego and is not used in spiritual pursuit like Havan and Japa. Usually it is done with your right hand, left handed people perhaps will need to switch.

With your other hand you can count the mala’s. Each finger has 3 segments that you count with your thumb. This makes 12 counts ( Mala’s). Have two small dishes with for instance beans ( can use anything) and every 12 mala’s put one bean in the other dish. This way it is easy to keep track of what you are doing so you do not need to think about counting and can enjoy the bliss.

Om Namah Shivay

For inspiration I add a part from the book “Autobiography of a bhogi 

We were in the temple in Vrindavan while Babaji was giving darshan. Somebody presented a mala with 108 big rudraksha beads to Babaji. Unless you’re a sadhu these big malas are not easy to wear or even doing japa is a sadhana by itself to hold such a mala in your hands. Babaji broke the string and started to distribute single beads to the people. A lady from Bombay who had just arrived after completing a big japa sadhana at her home was one of the first to receive one. People started to gather around eagerly to receive a rudraksha bead from the hand of the Lord. That lady from Bombay checked her bead and noticed that the lines on that bead were not clearly defined. Most rudraksha beads have 5 lines and exceptions are considered special. She worked her way to the crowd to ask Babaji for another, a better one. Babaji gave no attention to her request. At a certain point He handed what was left from that mala to Sheila Devi and told her distribute the rest and to take that bead from that lady and keep it for her self and to give her another one. That lady was happy with her new bead.

Later Sheila Devi checked this rudraksha she received from this lady and discovered it was a one faced Rudraksha (Ek Mukhi ).This is extremely rare and highly revered and valuable in India & Nepal. Not even one in 10 million is like that and it was a real miracle this had come from that mala given out by Babaji. Everybody came to see this special appearance. The story went around and when the lady from Bombay heard this she ran to Babaji to ask for it back. Babaji said, “I gave it to you and you did not like it, now it belongs to Sheila Devi.”

More than a year later the same woman came to the Vapi ashram in Gujarat. She told Babaji that she had just completed another Sadhana of repeating 1.125.000 of the mantra Babaji had given her. She told this to Him in the middle of a big crowd standing, pushing and shuffling around Babaji. Babaji said, I will give you a boon (Spiritual gift from God) what is it that you want? She did not know what to answer in that moment and others started to get involved in the situation, but Babaji repeated once more to her, you have done this sadhana and I am giving you a boon, what do you want? With everybody talking around her she somehow started to mention that her car was broken down on the way from Bombay to Vapi and she was not sure if she could even make it back home in that condition. Babaji told her not to worry about it and moved on talking with everybody. Later she found out that her car was working miraculously well, as if there never was any problem. A second time, this woman received a boon, a divine gift from Lord Shiva, and completely wasted it on nonsense.

We may think how stupid this lady is and this would never happen to us. It is however, not so easy to keep one’s focus in the heat of the moment with a lot of people standing around and interacting with you while Babaji is looking at you. Most of us are focused on the small immediate problems and continuous desires that are passing through our mind. That lady may have not been aware in that big moment that she was so deep and sincere in her sadhana that Babaji felt to give her such enormous gifts. To get the Lord’s attention like this some yogis stand on one leg for 12 years and still do not manage to get such gifts from the Divine.

Please do not judge this lady but try to appease the Lord so He may shower His blessings on you. In practicing Japa besides the numbers one repeats, the concentration and the intention are of great importance for a deeper result. What we can learn from this story is that Japa Sadhana (repeating the holy names) does make the Lord happy and that we need to sharpen our own awareness at all times to reap the full benefit.


Be in spired

Ao-Ao Bhole Baba, Himalaya se ao, Kripa caro tumare bhakton pe.
Come come Bhole Baba, come from the Himalaya
have compassion on your devotees.

Bhole Baba ki Jai!

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