It had already rained a few times but monsoon had not really exploded yet. Since some days the air and sky was really pregnant with it and this day  looked like it was going to happen. Babaji made a last inspection trip to the Goofa side. The other side where the 9 temples are can be cut of from the world from one day to the next for a month or even longer sometimes. Babaji took Hargovind, Jacob ( Ram Lothi’s son ) and myself along. The bridges were already gone but we were still able to cross the river holding each other fairly easy while the skies were darkening and rumbling. On the other side Babaji checked on everybody and the quantities of the food supplies in order to pass safely thru this isolation period. A last pranaam from Gohari & others and we headed back thru the river. There was a small Teashop at the end of the company bagh in those days and we were directed there while the rains slowly started. 



On the moment the monsoon sets in a 10 to 15 degree drop in temperature is not uncommon in that area. It is long awaited and welcomed after the long period of heat. It is however also a shock to the body this sudden change in pressure and temperature.

We entered the Teashop and Babaji ordered a cup of tea for us all and when that came He also asked for a packet of beedies ( indian cigarets rolled in a leaf ). To our big surprise he opened the packet and lit one up. Took one puff and passed it to Hargovind who happily accepted this strange prasaad. Babaji then lit another one and passed it to me which I also gratefully accepted. Then He lit one more and passed it to Jacob who was only 10 years or so old. Everybody including that boy was highly surprised but then while puffing on these beedies, sipping tea we watched the monsoon burst loose and got lost each in our thoughts……


Gufa_sideI later learned from an ayurvedic practitioner that this drop in temperature is such a shock to the body that can provoke all sorts of illnesses. Tea and beedy are not healthy particularly if it is an all time habit but it is also spark heat inside our body which on such a moment can be very helpful to stand that impact of the drop in temperature. Babaji keeping us well in so many different and unconventional ways.

But this is not only for those who spend time with His physical presence from 1970 to 1984.

Receiving a beedy from HIS hand makes it easy to understand for hard headed people like myself. For all those who are meeting Babaji beyond the physical it is a bit more work with concentration and awareness to see how Babaji is in constant communication with us and present in all sorts of aspects of our lives, if we invite Him there. Those who practice and experience such an awareness with Babaji are very blessed. Many of us who did spend time with Babaji in those years are still now infected with that enormous Love we had for Him in that body even if we knew, some and were singing about His Divine aspects. Even when Babaji was saying “ I am nothing” or “this body will perish”, we were and perhaps are so attached to it and can still gaze endlessly to the same pictures year after year even if we know He is pure consciousness, present everywhere, all the time. HE is alive in our hearts if we prepare an assan for Him there, no cast, creed, nationality or gender has anything to do with that.

You know yourself that Babaji has called you or perhaps He has responded to your call.

It is up to you to establish that bond in your daily awareness and communication with Him.

Praise the Lord !


Bhole Baba ki Jai !


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