By Raghuvir

Namaste Brothers & Sisters.

About Namaste there is already written in the oldest books know to mankind, The Veda’s. It actually means ; I am saluting the God in you. What a deep beautiful greeting that you can apply to everybody, even people you do not know or particularly like. It forgoes all our superficial differences and we connect with each other where we are ONE.

Namaste is usually done with Anjali mudra like Babaji is doing here.

The Divine is permeating all of creation but only human beings have the unique gift to recognize The Divine within themselves. In our measurement of time the evolution of humanity to reach their Divine potential seems painfully slow. We need to use a fine comb going through all the sacred scriptures around the world, taking out dogma, unraveling timeless legends and put the knowledge in our today language from when they were written but all are presenting us with marvelous pointers on our path to discover our true essence.

These old scriptures give us wonderful pointers, present us with tools to work through the maze of life but also show while those scriptures were written the lower tendencies, that keep us locked in the wheel of karma like anger, greed, jealousy etc were already very evident in societies thousands of years ago. Babaji often warned us about an upcoming revolution, a profound change (kranti) that I personally believe is gaining momentum now. On a few occasions He also spoke about how life would be after this enormous upheaval. He promised us a world of justice, an environment where the lion and the goat would drink from the same well. Pondering on His words, I feel that human consciousness will shift from me and mine to us, that humanity will become conscious of being one and live accordingly in harmony with each other and nature in general.

What a wonderful vision of the future to behold! Babaji mentioned He is changing the heart of humanity in this revolution. This probably has never happened in our human history, in the human evolution. The human being is being upgraded in the coming years. Looking at the state of affairs in the world at the moment all this seems a far fetched dream that we can hardly conceive really happening. From Babaji’s messages and also many other predictions by now we know the change is not going to be a smooth one and we can already see it happening all around us now and we are only at the beginning.

Let it be clear that this revolution has nothing to do with your political choices, your nationality, your gender or any other superficial distinction we may think to have. Be very careful with the “truths” that world news and social media is offering. This is not Babaji’s Truth! His Truth simply is and is embedded in your own heart and will be revealed to you with spiritual practice, when you mind stops to tell you all the usual stuff. Babaji’s slogan of Truth, Simplicity and Love is becoming the new way of being and we better intensify our practice with the revolution in progress, to align ourselves with what is taking place.


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