Navaratri Invitation



Happy Full Moon of October Sisters and Brothers.



by Raghuvir

This dry and rocky planet close to ours is having quite an impact on us.
The moon is responsible for the tides in the sea and the vegetative world revolves with its cycles also.  Since the human body is over 60% water, our brains even 75% you can imagine that the influence of the moon has a big effect on us even if one is not aware of it. Since day in memorial the Full moon and the New Moon have been a reason to celebrate in many cultures, doctrines and religions. 

The Navaratri will start on the 17th of October, on the New Moon. The moon’s energy will build up every day during Navaratri in nature and so also within us. These are still Covid times and the ashrams in India will still be closed for festivities as is all of India. Babaji has warned us for these times many years back. He said that there would be times that no planes would be flying and that it would not be possible to come to India. In USA, the ashram in Crestone will also be closed for Navaratri and probably for the rest of the year. Germany and Holland are open for a limited number of people according to the local rules given by the Government.

Covid is still ruling our world for now. We can spend energy in blaming the possible source or the way governments and big business is handling the situation but that is most probably non helpful for you personally, your surroundings or even the situation itself. Since Babaji already said this 40 years ago, it already happened in Time. The position of our planets is astrologically showing us that the situation is just ripe for hardship. It favours certain dark scenario’s to play out on earth and those in charge of politics and big business are in position to play their part in this “revolution”. The most important question for you to ask yourself, what part am I going to play in this Divine theater. 

Probably we cannot really change the situation however much we wish to and try by ventilating our our good intended views on FB and other places. We do however have control over the way we experience all the passing, intense impressions in this time. Babaji has given us the tools and left, and besides that are not, or at least less busy with what we usually do and think. It is not so easy to re create that same thing in your home but I know that if you make this effort, Babaji will come towards you and also and make it easy. 

So this is the Ashwin Navaratri invitation to celebrate the Divine Mother and Babaji in your own home, in your own heart. Create a space there, however small, but make it a nice sanctuary for the Divine. Put a picture or something that connects you with the Divine Mother and Babaji and keep a small light there going as much as possible, Light an incense a few times a day, Sit with your mala & mantra, first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, sing the Aarti with a tape or by yourself, Keep a fast like in Herakhan (good for health and comes fairly easy because of the intention). All these simple things are not so easy when you have to do it at your home by yourself but they will surely strengthen your devotion. Try to do some other fasts out of our daily habits to strengthen your Navaratri quest is also very important like not watching TV, Facebook and video games or any type of time pass entertainment. Try to discover with meditation/ mindfulness/ self reflection etc how anger, jealousy, greed, pride and other mental diseases of the human mind have managed to enter in you. Use all the friction that will come up to propel you towards the Divine. See what you can do for others experiencing hardship, that may support them in their life. This is more or less the regular Navaratri program. Trust that the few Fires that are being done in Babaji’s ashrams around the world are also burning for you. 



This is a playful image made by the Hare Krishna movement of ISKON. A childlike image of the path we are walking as also described more or less in this way in the Shrimad Devi Bhagwatam, the great book that is being read during Navaratri. Stepping up and sliding down on the stairway to heaven, towards the Divine Light. I am not trying to preach a moral code here, but these lower tendencies of the human mind are preventing that mind to see the Light in our own heart. I am just describing my own past and present process and share it with you.

Adulthood in being a devotee is celebrating the Divine by yourself everywhere. Shri Muniraj was always doing a full Navaratri again at home about 2 weeks after the one he celebrated with all of us, to fully concentrate on his relationship with the Divine. Actually it was always like this, nobody can really do this for you. Even at the most sacred place, at the most auspicious time one can waist time in a wonderful way by drinking tea and chatting with friends all day long. By raising our own consciousness with the simple tools that Babaji handed us we evolve on the steps to becoming a proper human being by Divine design and that simple step is a big leap for mankind.

Bhole Baba ki Jai!

 Durga Maya ki Jai !  

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