Navaratri invitation

Dear Devotees on the Divine,
The Chairman of the Haidakhandi Samaj,
Shri Alok Banerjee is inviting you
to join us for the 2016 Chaitra Navaratri celebrations
in Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham.
The Divine Mother festival will start on the 8th and finish on the 16th of April.
The Navaratra’s which we celebrate twice a year are such a great blessing for our lives to detox ourselves from the harsh environment of the spiritual, mental, and physical worlds where we spend our lives generally. To empty our minds of our daily worries and fill it with devotion for the Divine Mother who is like the very fabric our whole Universe is embroidered on is highly nutritious for our soul. To pull ourselves away from the comfort of our living room & daily habits and experience a bit of discomfort with sharing rooms, sitting on the floor, eating and sleeping less may be a bit challenging on the physical level but very rewarding on a deeper level. So please come and join us for celebrating together as Shri Muniraj has always encouraged us is making it even more enjoyable and powerful.
If you are unable to join us for this festival in Herakhan please do observe these days in an ashram closer to you for the Divine Mother is present everywhere.
And if because of work, family or other responsibilities you cannot leave, do celebrate HER presence in your life !
SHE is the source of all, even of lord Brahma, lord Vishu and lord Shiva.
See you at Babaji’s Holy Feet
at Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham.

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