Dear Sisters & Brothers.

Many of you may not know who Titti , Ma Shiva Mayi is, but she has been at Babaji’s feet in 1983 and never left Them. Perhaps not much in India but very active in Babaji’s worldwide leela. She will now take care of the gorgeous ashram of Babaji in south Italy and help to unite old and new devotees. This enormous task is not possible by one person, we all need to lend support to this, Italians and internationally to make it a success as Babaji envisioned this beautiful place. Here below Ma Shiva Mayi wrote a message to Babaji’s devotees where she is accepting her role as President of the Italian Babaji foundation. Please give her a warm welcome.


Dear Divine Brothers, children of Mother Haidakhandeshwari and Babaji, each of us is free in this infinite universe, free to create through thoughts, words and actions our own destiny … of suffering or harmony. Every moment we sow our own future.

I thank all of you, especially the devotees, who gathered in the two plenary assemblies here in Cisternino who expressed their willingness to entrust me with the presidency of the Foundation, and the Administrative Committee who formally elected me, for the confidence in the effort with which I dedicate myself to karma yoga. As president of His foundation, I will continue to strive to help create a future for the Babaji Family, future that could lead us to the harmony that He has shown us by His presence on Earth. Together we will find the strength and the way to make Him happy and proud of us. The task of a devotee is trying to make the Guru happy and Babaji is happy if we proceed together following His teachings with great effort and without fear.

In this way, the Light of Babaji’s message of Truth Simplicity and Love created by the devotees and Babaji’s ashrams in Italy will also place a seed in the Italian State of which the Bhole Baba Foundation is an institution. We all hope that this Foundation is a pure instrument of Baba’s message.

We will begin the karma yoga of the Foundation by inventorying and reorganizing all the documents we receive from the past, communicating to everyone every step of our karma yoga and of the economic aspect in total transparency.

We will present our work program as soon as possible and we count on the help of all those who wish to collaborate and have the skills.

I could not have accepted such a demanding charge if Babaji had not put alongside me for almost twenty years, Prema Kali, a brilliant and courageous lawyer and notary of Costa Rica, of whom I have absolute confidence and who has already saved the fate of HariHara Dham .

As already said publicly on several occasions I accept this great responsibility and workload for the sole purpose of helping to deliver the ashram of Cisternino healed in all its failings to younger generations with the hope that this will happen as soon as possible so that the Babaji’s message can be passed on to more and more people in the future. We are all convinced that His teachings of Truth Simplicity and Love are the only boat that can transport humanity to the new era of harmony and peace that Babaji has promised the world. We have all been called to be His instruments in this kranti.

In His Love, Shivā Mayi

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