Dear Friends,

It’s in 10 days and it is still time to join ! 😃

We are now inviting you to join us on the 5 day gathering and skills training for Babaji next generation and other spiritually minded people between the ages of 17 and 40. Accommodation, food and workshops for Next Generation Gathering for the 5 days and nights from Sunday 10th to Friday 15th July are free (they will be paid for by Jai HO), but we do ask for a donation to Jai HO for Euros 50 if you can afford it. The workshops will begin at 9am on the morning of Monday 11th July 2016 at Sada Shiva Dham, Holland and end on Friday 15th July afternoon.  It will be conducted in the English language. Following it the European Gurupurnima celebration will begin on Saturday 16th July at the ashram.

To apply please email Rob at:    rob@oxford-transpersonal.co.uk

Many thanks and best wishes !

Rob (UK) and Mukundi (Fr)

 Bhole Baba ki Jai !



Monday 11th of July

Introductions, values and goals 

Mindfulness Workshop – with Nan Singh and Lok Nath


Tuesday 12th of July

Aspects of universal spiritual philosophy, spiritual practice and poetry within Indian Sacred Language and the Haidakhandi Aarti – (Sundar, Lok Nath, Raghuvir, Kharku, etc… )

Spiritual Enquiry – with Gayatri


Wednesday 13th July

How to understand and integrate Babaji and the teachings in a global contemporary way and language – All (Sundar, Lok Nath, Raghuvir, Gayatri, Rob, Nan Singh, Kharku )

Wutao Movement Session organised by Mukundi – and/or Yoga, Dance, Music and/or walking or alone time in nature.


Thursday 14th July

Designing a New Culture in a New Paradigm – with Sundar

How to get to our ideas of a New Paradigm – with Sundar

Further time for most popular topics


Friday 15th July

World Cafe  – how to facilitate a creative dialogue for communities with Gaby

General meeting and completion Celebration (All)

Helping prepare Sada Shiva Dham Ashram for Gurupurnima









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