OBITUARY – Message from Alok Banerjee

Dear All,
With a heavy heart I share with you the sad news of the recent  passing away of some ardent devotees
of Shree Babaji , who were closely associated with the Samaj .
1. Shri Shyam Bihari Gaur .. passed away in Jaipur on 29th February 2016. He was 81years of age.
Gaur Sahab of Jaipur was an old time devotee of Shree Babaji and devoted his whole life in HIS service.
Shree Babaji blessed the Gaur family by visiting their home many times.
Our heartfelt condolence to Mahesh Ji (eldest son) and all the members of the bereaved family. 
2. Smt. Krishna Tandon … passed away in Delhi on 6th March 2016. She was 87 years of age.
Mataji was the mother of our very dear Sandeep Bhai. She was suffering for sometime with age
related problems and was admitted in the hospital. As a matter of fact Shree Babaji’s Padukas visited
their home on 3rd March 2016 on the way to Mumbai. It was as if Shree Babaji came Himself to relieve Mataji
of her suffering. 
Our heartfelt sympathies and condolence to Sandeep Bhai and Vanita Ji and all the members of the bereaved family.
3. Shri  Shiv Narain Mittal … passed away in Gwalior on 8th March 2016. He was only 55 years of age.
Shiv bhai was the son of Late Laxmi Narain Mittal of Gwalior better known as Sethji. The Mittal family are very
old devotees of Shree Babaji and have been taking care of His temple in Gwalior since the very inception.
Unfortunately only 12 days before Shiv bhai passed away his mother Smt. Premvati Mittal had passed away,probably
he could not bear this shock.
Our heartfelt condolence to Smt Rajni Mittal ( wife of Shiv Bhai) and her children and all the other members of the bereaved family.
On behalf of all the members of Haidakhandi Samaj and on my personal behalf we offer our heartfelt condolence and sympathies to all
the members of the bereaved family. We pray to Shree Babaji to bestow eternal peace to the departed souls and to give strength to the members
of the family to overcome this great loss.
Yours in grief
Alok Banerjee

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