Our Haidakhandi Samaj in India is in need of our help!

by Gayatri.

Dear Babaji Family,

Our Haidakhandi Samaj in India is in need of our help! It is facing difficulty due to the fact that donations are not coming in and India is becoming more expensive. Also, the maintenance, renewal and expansion of our beloved ashrams are requiring more funds, as are the annual festivals. I just found out that the roof of the temple in Chiliyanoula has begun to leak, for example.

I would like to ask each of you to dig deep into your pockets and make a financial donation to our Samaj today! Babaji stressed the importance of the Samaj, and it is the one organization that we are all a part of, and therefore responsible for. If every member of the Babaji Facebook groups gives at least $108, we could raise a substantial sum to help the Samaj cover their expenses and hopefully have some extra money to cover their service projects as well. PLEASE, use the link below to send your donation today!!!

If outside of India, I recommend using the American Samaj PayPal account by sending it to rcahall1@earthlink.net, and please remember to indicate that it is for the Indian Haidakhandi Samaj under where you type the amount and it says “Write a note” or follow this Paypal link and send an email to the treasurer rcahall1@earthlink.net to let him know the purpose of the donation.

If you are in India, please send an email to haidakhandisamajorg@gmail.com or tmnideas@gmail.com while using the Bank Details below.






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