Polarisation or Unity

By Raghuvir

The Divine is amongst us. All the Light shining down on humanity in this period is revealing ever more the state of affairs in our world, but has not lead us to clarity yet. For the moment is seems to lead to increasing polarisation of humanity. The endless stream of information of all sorts coming at us through TV and social media is providing us with with strong opinions on topics we would have no knowledge of not very long ago. Americans are dominating the international news in this period and are displaying a deeply divided world. Black lives matter and the Me too movement highlighting oppression and aggression against woman showing humanity has not evolved really, even if we have been able to create an iPhone and launch a rocket to planet mars etc. If we are dependant on the republicans or democrats for a better world we are in deep, deep trouble. This is not exclusive for America, this really plays out in consciousness, and we are all plugged into that everywhere as humanity.

In this turbulent time everybody’s life is affected and we do have a mind and personality and it constantly speaks to us. It is good to be aware of what it is that makes us have this or that opinion. Having opinions is mostly preventing us in seeing the full scope of what is really going on. An opinion is linked with our ego and therefor needs defending like it is life itself. Ego is not really interested in hearing another ego’s opinion, but more to hear your opinion coming out of the others mouth gives satisfaction. While the Divine shines its Light providing clarity other forces fight back with “fake news”to keep us linked in. The mind loves to defend at almost any cost what ever it is clinging to, using exaggeration, distortion and construct straight-out lies. This is now so clear to see playing out on the world stage and all sides of the political spectrum seem to fully indulge in it. It is a force doing a good job in captivating the mind of humanity and playing out in this horrible scenery on earth that we have created together.

A great blessing of Navaratri is that we pause for some days from the usual and focus on positive forces that supporting and nurturing us. Doing other things then we do everyday is already a great step forward. It may be a great moment to reflect on how our own mind is constructing “fake news” to it self in our head. One name of Kali Ma and also our Haidakhandeshwari Ma is Maha Maya. Maya is often wrongly translated as illusion but it really means “what appears to be”. Now in Kali Yuga She puts up a wild show with continuous rollercoaster events that are dazzling to the mind if one is not fully focussed on the Divine. On the other hand Maha Maya Devi provides also spiritual fulfilment to Her sincere devotees in a fairly easy way. Therefor Navaratri provides a good moment to pause and decide where you want to keep your focus throughout these revolutionary times that Babaji came to warn us for.

Poly means plural and tics are bloodsucking insects. It may not be wise to get involved to much with politics in treacherous times. Babaji said that leaders of nations are now opposing each other with their mouths open, ready to swallow each other. Babaji’s message was not about dividing humanity but spoke of unity, harmony and oneness. Is it worth your precious life ? If it is your destiny, then nothing can be done but my advice is to not get lured into this pitfall where there is no solution, no solace or happiness. In meditations it might be interesting to see how much our own mind has been sucked in to the polarisation ghost that roams humanity now.

In these auspicious days drink Divine nectar, be inspired by the Divine that is calling you and hold on to that. This battle is not over yet and will take all sorts of forms and shapes before the dawn of the new world that Babaji promised will happen. With focus on the Divine and service to others you are supporting Babaji in His mission on earth in this time.

Jai Maha Maya ki Jai !

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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