Practice creates perfect

By Raghuvir

Dear Babaji Family,

I start to understand that quite some people are planning while some have already started the japa practice now. How wonderful to know that the thirst for Babaji’s love is so evident amongst His devotees. I also hear how quite some have already lost faith in in Babaji coming, in Japa in general or are just to lazy or busy to give it really attention. Babaji will surely bless the faithful that are putting out the effort. Here below is a piece from a story from the book I wrote how Babaji responded to extra effort. May it inspire you for your practice.

One day, walking with Babaji we met Lok Nath, who was recently initiated as a Haidakhandi yogi, and Babaji took him aside and gives him a certain sadhana to do. I could not help my curious self and casually moved in closer to eavesdrop on the instructions. I figured that I would not have been there if I was not supposed to hear this, because Baba knows everything. Babaji told Lok Nath to get up at midnight, at a particular place and do japa for 2 hours every night. That seemed a feasible thing to do also for me and I was wondering what “effect” this particular action would have on me. Because of the excitement of going to do this I could not sleep really before midnight but got up and parked myself on sacred spot in the ashram with my asana. It was pure magic being under the starry sky, contours of Mount Kailash, the sound of the river and – through japa – in full communication with the Divine. Losing track of time in that joyful state I noticed people going for their baths – a night in heaven where time flew by – I began my own routine starting with a bath, Chandan, havan, arati, morning darshan with Babaji and then on to the shop to do my work.

I had just opened the shop ( where I was doing my service ) and after about 10 minutes Babaji came in, looked around, made some comments and told me to close up and follow Him. It became a fantastic morning where we walked through the village, sat in teashops, checked on jobs happening etc. and spent the time before lunch going around. I had a nap after lunch but not that long as I also shared a duty (blessing) with Kartar Giri assisting Babaji in His afternoon bath. I went to bed a bit earlier and at midnight the alarm rang and again spent lovely hours under the stars with mala in hand and the Divine Name rolling through my head. Loosing time again I reached my room at 3.00am and there was only time for a short nap before my daily program started. Again 15 minutes or so after morning darshan Babaji entered the shop and told me to go with Him and I had another wonderful morning with Him. This went on for four or five days including Babaji coming to take me from the shop on His walk around here and there. These were magical days but even if filled with all that bliss and being a young enthusiastic boy after five days of having only two or three hours of sleep in my busy day I became very tired and spaced out. Since I had not vowed anything to anybody I decided to take a day off from my new routine but that somehow turned into 2 nights off. Those 2 days Babaji did not come to the shop to take me but I did not notice that connection yet and was able to catch up with the work left undone.

When I began my night routine again Babaji came again and involved me in His morning programs of being with Him but two days later we left on a trip to Vrindaban. Then I started to realize a little about the connection of the night sadhana and the extra attention I had received. It was strange to realize and also to tell you that however magical this all was I never picked up this self imposed sadhana again after returning from that yatra. Reflecting back on this and other sadhanas I have undertaken through the years I have learned something from this which may be interesting or inspiring for others and therefore want to share this as well.

As beautiful as life was in Herakhan living with Babaji, it was not easy and there were not many people who were staying there for long stretches of time. The social relations, entanglements and addictive patterns of our usual lifestyles at home become very evident once you are completely deprived of that in Herakhan. At first everyone really enjoyed the simplicity, relieved from the burden of home to be with the Divine in physical form. As time passed however, the discomfort of the hard beds, cold baths, little sleep, very simple food, intense work and repetitive daily patterns gave a totally different perspective to that simplicity. At a certain point, the physical and /or mental resistance came up and shortened the stay of many people.

Doing this extra sadhana in the night, pushing the boundaries of the comfort zone was immediately answered by Babaji by daily visits. Also after His Samadhi I have noticed that doing that extra push of seeking Divine connecting inside of us is answered in all sorts of ways with His presence also now.

It was very inspiring to do these things with Babaji in those days but having done such things also since then I can promise you that what I experienced then is also valid now. We get so entangled in the illusions of the world we live in and we hold on to it very tightly to continue our suffering and separation of the Divine. By practicing awareness we can become aware of these mostly unconscious patterns that govern our life’s so much. This is a crucial step on our spiritual path to progress. Babaji lives in our heart and if we focus less on these illusions we will become aware of this great blessing we have of knowing Him. I have done some retreats with Japa also after His samadhi like 16 hours a day for days in a row and can tell you that this creates miracles inside in a short time. It is the extra mile one does that makes a big difference.

In a way this is what our Paramguru Shri Mahendra Maharaj experienced, a quick answer on sincere practice. This is what we are doing here together brothers and sisters, we are calling HIM to be with us. With many of us calling this time surely He will respond! And for those who are so busy, have little faith or are lazy….It is not too late to join and get your own experience with Japa for Babaji.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Jai Maha Maya ki Jai !

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