Practicing peace

By Raghuvir

Dear Brothers and Sisters

The kranti that Babaji warned us of seems to be in motion now. We were promised a change in the world, a change of heart that is unseen in our known history. Humanity is about to make a major step on the evolutionary ladder. Babaji told us it would be scary and considering we are just at the beginning, it can certainly take terrifying shape quickly as we can see around us now. When keeping a large perspective it also is very exciting! All political parties are still constructing their visions and programs on the old world ideas that are now crumbling faster and faster. We do not know how and what yet but it is a wonderful opportunity for something new to emerge. Since it is going to be new, we therefor better keep our mind open and particularly our hearts.

In our societies polarisation is ever more strongly pronounced and less and people still really believe the official narrative. In search for new ways a lot of people get sucked in fundamentalism and extremism with their ideas that polarises and dehumanises our world even more. It is sad to notice that this is also taking place within our Babaji community in western countries. Surely trailblazers are usually loudly heralding the change but when this is accompanied with anger it will never find fertile soil to blossom into something good.
To make this revolution successful Babaji said He would need to change the heart of humanity, change our actual consciousness. What does that mean ? Will we start to relate to each other as different expressions of the Divine? Will then finally anger, fear, jealousy, pride, greed that plays the tunes to which the human race dances disappear? Those are fundamental changes that need to happen within us.

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This goes a lot deeper than the things politicians are promising anywhere in the world and it is very unlikely that it will be a smooth transition towards a New World. Most frontrunners of the world stage will battle until the end not to let go of their conquered positions. It will take all our courage and faith in the Divine, in Babaji just to be a witness to the unfolding kranti in the coming years. What we, as His devotees we could do to support the Divine in this transition is practicing actively the higher human values that all religions mention throughout the centuries. Surely in the New World, love, compassion, patience, kindness, generosity, dharma, creativity etc. will be part of the way humanity will interact with each other.

Whether it is about race difference, gender discrimination, economics, mask or other Covid restrictions people are crying out for change and protests are getting louder by the day in more and more countries around the world. In some places the actual battle is already on and we can see on the developments that this will become a lot more fierce . I am not sure at all that when Babaji said “I am against non violence” that He wanted us to climb the barricades, but if you feel you need to do that go and battle injustice.

Let us however work together to keep Babaji’s ashrams in a higher peace and harmony. Whatever you may believe about wearing a mask, let’s discuss it together with kindness, so we each can celebrate Babaji together in peace with or without a mask. I many countries there are also government rules in place and those of us that hold responsibility in ashrams will need to follow these guidelines whatever we may think about that. It would be painful if an ashram gets closed being defiant of these rules. Work it out together in harmony, practice your patience, kindness and compassion in such process. Many of us can loose his/her anger in these challenging and frustrating times but know that anger is never justified. Let’s work together to keep Babaji’s ashrams as oasis of peace and prepare there for Babaji’s post kranti world.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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