Jai HO is supporting the Haidakhandi Samaj in the renewal of publications, including newly published material, such as:


I AM YOU – A collection of the teachings of Babaji, the “nobody from nowhere” who reappeared in the foothills of the Himalayas in 1970 to create an ashram at Haidakhan and guide humanity through a chaotic transition to a New Age of Peace. Arranged here by Marie-Gabriele Wosien wish a selection of his paintings. A link to rare voice recordings of his public addresses and an introduction by James O’Dea.Published in India by The Haidakhandi Samaj: in cooperation with Reichel Verlag: www.reichel-verlag.deSupported by Jai HO.



The Haidakhandi Arti.








IMG_37921. Aarati book for harmonium player, written big, easy to turn over the pages (with one hand), laminated (covered in plastic) to withstand water and smoke, to be put on the top of a harmonium. The paper and the spiral have both improved and pages are printed on both sides so less turning pages while playing. (first edition Autumn 2016 – second edition Autumn 2017)





Havan_mantras2. Havan Booklet. A new simple step-by-step guide for learning how to conduct the Haidakhandi Havan. This booklet is printed on special plastic-infused paper which makes it resistant to damage, water and dirty hands. The package also holds a USB card with a recording of the whole booklet recited by Vinod Acharya. This booklet is now available through the Haidiyakhandi Samaj but carries a big personal responsibility. The recitation of the mantras by Vinod Acharya are guidelines to help you memorize the correct pronunciation of the Sanskrit Mantras & Slokas. To assimilate the correct method of conducting the Havan, taking a short course with Vinod Acharya in India, Maarten Baba in Holland, Raidass in Bulgaria or Pujari in Russia, is highly advised. Havan is very beneficial for personal growth and the environment but if it is not done correctly it can have adverse effects. We therefore highlight the personal responsibility you have, to not take this lightly and avoid conducting the Havan without proper initiation into this practice. Ashwin Navratras are from 21-29 September 2017 and Vinod Acharya will hold a 5-day course on conducting the Havan. Registration for this course is open now with Sanjeev Sarna. (First edition Spring 2017)



Poster_Navratri3.  A Navaratri booklet: 

a comprehensive guide to the Haidakhandi Samaj Navratri celebrations

in 4 languages : English, Italian, Russian & German .

(First edition Spring 2017)



Poster_Saptsati4. Haidhakandi Saptasati in romanised Sanskrit. The Haidakhandi Samaj has launched a new Haidakhandi Saptasati last April (2017). Because of a computer glitch, 39 mistakes were discovered after printing. This is actually not so much considering compared to most publications. We are doing our very best to get it right and have reprinted it now for your flawless repetition of these sacred texts. You can exchange the one with the yellow border in the Indian ashrams with the complete red one, free of cost. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Shri Haidakhandeshwari Mata ki Jai !



5. Haidhakandi Saptasati in Sanskrit.



6. Hindi Sapta SatiIn progress

7. Publishing amore accurately written Aarti book in English, inspired by the beautiful one which the Italian Samaj has produced. In progress

8. Aarati Explanation Book by Sundar. For more information, see Aspects of universal spiritual philosophy, spiritual practice and poetry within indian sacred language and the haidakhandi aartiIn progress

9. Havan Speeches Book by RaghuvirIn progress

10. Mahendra Maharaj Collection. Shri Mahendra Baba has written 6 fairly small books. They will be translated again from the original Hindi and then written in good readable English and published in one nice hard cover book to include many of Shri Mahendra Maharaj pictures. In progress

11. Cards with Babaji sayings in a nice box. ( Angel card style )

12. Expanded Kirtan Karo book with spiral and clear print.


Jai HO is also supporting / promoting others publications projects such as:

  • an English version of “I Am you” by Malti (Marie Gabriel Wosien)



  • the translations of the Shri Sadashiva Charitamrit, in German and English. =>




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  1. Bhole Baba Ki JAY
    i would like to purpose a karma yoga,about publications,
    i had the project to make a booklet of the Sapta Sati for my personnal” bibliothèque”, perhaps you will be interested for the Haidakhandi Samaj ?
    in the style of the “Sri SadaShiva Charitamrita”, Holy little Jewel Booklet wich i made, fews months ago, by the Grace of BabajI
    Sweet Day
    (lyla from france)
    Om namah shivay

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