She/He is fighting for us….

by Raghuvir

What we can learn from the Shrimad Devi Bhagwatam, the sacred book of the Divine Mother that is read and explained during Navaratri, is when She is fighting fierce battles with all sorts of demons it is actually the continuous battle that humanity is facing everyday since thousands of years. Life of humanity, you and me, are governed by forces like fear, desire, ignorance etc. It reflects more clear now than ever before in time. It seems harvesting time now the stage is set for the kranti that Babaji has spoken of to us many times. Those warnings by themselves instils fear but He also promised full protection to His devotees, so with Faith in Him there is no place for fear.

Most sacred scriptures are filled with battles between Good and evil with Gods subduing demons. Hollywood and Bollywood produce also the same scenario between hero’s and villains. Personally I do not see that this kranti will be performed in this way. Babaji said ; “There is only one way for mankind to be saved and that is by changing the hearts of all people”. He is fighting this battle to preserve Sanatan Dharma, the eternal law, creating a consciousness where lions and goats drink from the same well. Humanity needs to evolve to a higher plan as our lower nature is in process to destroy the whole creation. No need to pick up swords and manoeuvre our chariot into battle or pick up a machine gun and look for the evil ones, hearts need to be changed! If we want to be of support to our beloved Babaji during these peril times, we offer our heart. We offer our heart by singing His praises and follow His teachings. We use our heart to shower kindness on those on our path and offer help wherever we can to those who need it.

It is a fierce battle for us to check with weapons like mindfulness and self reflection which of the lower tendencies have found a way into our being. Recognising in honest self contemplation and admitting to ourselves that this or that tendency has found root in us is half the battle won. There is nothing to feel guilty or shameful about this, that would create another hurdle on our way into The Divine Heart. These are universal energies harassing humanity and nothing personal about it. Because of our individual karma’s we partake, mostly unaware ourselves, in a bigger or smaller share of these “demons”. Navaratri is the most auspicious time to start or to continue with this process. The time for purification for the world start at home with ourselves but all Goddesses and Gods are in your support.

Jagdamba Mata ki Jai!

Bhole Baba ki Jai!


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