Shivaratri 2018



Dear Brother and Sisters,

Yogendra & Pallu like to invite you for a great gathering in Manda Ashram in Gujerath India. Since 35 years Babaji has been traveling to Gujerath for this celebration and also now Shri Babaji’s Paduka’s will be going there accompanied by our Chairman Shri Alok Banerjee, Sanjeev Sarna and many others. Please note that the date is slightly different then is written on your calender’s.




Manda Ashram is beautifully hidden in a big mango orchard in the vicinity of Vapi. The murti of Babaji which you can see above is in His kutir. The main temple hold powerful murti’s of Shri Kali Ma, Shri Ganeshji and Shri Maha Kalbairav.




The night before Shivaratri there is all night puja, kirtan as one can expect in a glorious night dedicated to Lord Shiva. Come and join us there physically or in spirit !

Shiva Shankar Bhagwan ki Jai !
Bhole Baba ki Jai !

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