Short sessions of different practices



Short session each morning and evening of different practices to open and close each day like Pranayama  Wutao, Qi gong, Yoga Nidra, energizing activity etc.


Pranayama with Raghuvir

A small introduction into this old ancient yogic practice. Prana is our vital life force, by the Chinese known as Chi or Ki. We breath all the time and in doing so we move our life force. In doing that in certain patterns we can calm our mind, alter our mood, enhance mental clarity, influence our health and a number of other things. With some simple breathing exercises we can have a taste of what this powerful practice can do for you so you can find out if this practice is something for you to continue.


This short sessions will take place from Saturday 1st July to Wednesday the 5th July 2017 at Bhole Baba Ashram (Rieferath, Germany)

For more information or participate, check Next Generation Gathering.

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