Shri Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham ki Jai !

Sri Gorakh speaks, listen attentively Kamalo.

Now I will give you secret teachings about Hairakhan Vishwa Mahadham. Listen, Kamalo about Hairakhan.

There are many Khands such as Kedar Khand, Kailash Khand, Badri Khand, these are all (sacred) places, and also Haira Khand.

Once Swami Kartikeya said to Lord Shiva : ” now that a deep Kali Yuga is coming, how will man be able to cross it over?”

Shiva replied : ” Listen to my words Skanda. The stronger the Kali Yuga gets, the more famous Hairakhan will become. 

I have said before that when the chinese will take over Mansarovar Kailash, I will go to Hairakhan, sometimes in secret form, sometimes in manifested form. 

Wherever I will go, I will spread the practise of repeating the Name, so I will safe people easily.

Listen Kartikeya, whoever THINKS about Hairakhan and GLORIFIES it, even if only in a dream, or whoever just hears about this place, will be liberated.

At the end of Satya Yuga I left Herakhan for Mansarovar and granted this place a boon : that I would come back during Kali Yuga.”

Shiva says : ” Indra and all the Gods and Goddesses will come to Hairakhan and will reside there secretly.

Harakhan landscape



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