Shri Sadashiva Charitamrit

By Raghuvir



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to renew the attention to the Sadashiva Charitamrit.
This great book is in translation process and deserves more attention to bring it rather sooner than later under the eyes of the world.



Here is some back ground information.

In 1961 Shri Mahendra Maharaj published a book in India named “Living through Being”.

Around that time also Shri Vishnu Datt Shastriji’s 4 year old daughter, Saraswati started to speak in a sort of trance state speaking a language she was not capable and Shastriji quickly noted everything she said over several days. Mahendra Maharaj confirmed that this was a message from Babaji.

In 1981/1982 Shastriji spend almost every night in the kutir with Babaji in Herakhan where Babaji dictated the 9th chapter of this book to Shastriji.



This book is written in Sanskrit and the old Avadhi language. To have this properly translated from Old Avadhi it takes a high skilled professor in this particular language. Even in India it is extremely difficult to find translators who can manage with this language spoken by Tulsidass in the 15th century. The Hanuman Chalisa is written in this language.
Dieter from Germany has found one of the worlds best professors in Germany, Professor Kapp, who is already working on this since years.

So far 820 of the 1300 pages have been translated. Even if Prof Kapp is retired and has given a very reasonable fee for his work it still takes support from us all to bring this big project to a proper conclusion. This book has the object of the unification of all religions. In time different religions have proven to be a great reason for strife and competition rather than feeling united in the Divine by different approaches. Even if just by a small donation it is a great blessing to be part of international publications and distribution this sacred book. This will be a future classic of Sanatan Dharma.

When the book came out Babaji advised everybody to buy this book and keep it in their temple because divine vibrations are emanating from it. We look forward to the day it will be available for us to read and until then let us do our part of participating in financing the translation and the realization of this great work.

Please check on this web site how you can participate ;

This page is also available in German language.

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