Signing the Scriptures

By Raghuvir

It is not uncommon in sacred scriptures from India that the composer puts his name in the last verse.

We can see it in the most famous Hanuman Chalisa where the great saint poet Tulsidas added his name in the last verse.

40. Tulsidās sadā Hari cherā , Kije nāth hriday mahan derā

40. For this Tulsidas, the eternal servant of the Lord, O Lord remain forever in his heart

Tulsidas Goswami Maharaj

The Chalisa is written about 500 years back. Every Hindu child is being thought to recite this and many do so every day. By now it must have been chanted billions of times by millions of people through the centuries. For ever grateful to Tulsidas Maharaj for composing this most inspiring work.

Likewise Shi Mahendra Maharaj who composed the Haidakhandeshwari Aarti only around 60 years ago.

He also appears in the last verse ;

9. Shri charanāshrit tap khāni Tapobal āni e Maiya tapobal āni e. riddhi siddhi ki dāni (x2)  Jay Jagdambe Shive.  Om Jay Jagdambe Shivē

9. Shri  Charanashrita, (Name of Shri Mahendra Baba)  called upon Thee through his spiritual strength  Thou donor of prosperity and perfection 

In his beautiful book, The Divya Kathamrit, Mahendra Maharaj describes how he received the Munindra Sukta in meditation. 
This is the essence, the heart of the Haidakhandi Aarti. 
Also here in the 9th sloka ( verse ) his name appears in the 9th verse.

9. Mahā mārtaņda rūpena mohadvānta vināshakah. Sarva bhūtatma rūpoasi mahendrasya cha jivamam.

9. Thou art great like the sun dispelling the darkness of illusion. Thou art the soul of all beings, Thou art the very life of Mahendra

Babaji has a long vision and said that Herakhan is the center of the Universe and that it will recognised one day as such. Darshan lines will up to Bareilly which is over 100 kilometers away. We cannot even imagine that now and it will most probably not be in my life time. The Lord beyond time has a different view then those bound in time. But we are witnesses of the glorious event that is taking place and working on building that foundation energetically within ourselves and around the world.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Paramguru Shri Mahendra Maharaj ki Jai !

To celebrate that fact let’s repeat the essence of His Aarti now.

Shri Munindra Sukta

1. Om Kailāsh girivare ramye

nivasantam sushānti bhih

Tam munim satatam vande

sātā kārūņya rupiņam


2. yasya smaraņ mātreņā

siddho bhavati sādhakah

Sadgurum tamham vande 

Haidākhān vāsinam


3. Yasya kripā katākeņa 

dhanyo bhavati mānavah

Tasya pādayorekam

praņamāmi nirantaram


4. Komalam hridayam yasya

komalam yasya bhāshanam 

Dondoapi komalo yasya

komalāngam namāmyahām


5. Drihtim dayāmayim kritvā

yah pashyati charācharam

Lokopakār nirato

ragdveshadi varjitah


6. Sadguru sadgunā dhāro 

dhyāngamyah sadāshayah

Satyam Param Chidānandam

Sansmarāmi hi sarvadā


7. Harireva harerbhakto


Harer nāmāmritam pitvā

harer dhām param brajet


8. Yo dadāti cha bālānam

sadgyānam tu sudurlabham

Sarva sādhan hinopi 

tvamekam avalambanam


9. Mahā mārtaņda rūpena

mohadvānta vināshakah

Sarva bhūtatma rūpoasi

mahendrasya cha jivamam

Shri Haidakhan Bhagwan ki Jai!

If you are unable to sing the Aarti every day, do yourself and the world a favour in bringing the Light on earth and repeat at least these 9 sloka’s daily.

Translation ; 

  1. Residing peacefully on the beautiful mount Kailash Is that sage whose form always radiates compassion to Him I constantly bow
  2. By whose mere remembrance a devotee gains perfection to the ultimate Guru who resides in Hairakhan, to that One I bow 
  3. By whose merciful look people become liberated to His holy feet I constantly bow
  4. I bow to Him whose heart is soft, whose speech is soft even whose punishment is soft, whose body is soft
  5. Thy vision is full of mercy Thou seest the moving and non moving universe Thou art always busy in doing good in the world Thou art free from attachment and jealousy
  6. Supreme Guru basis of all goods qualities whose true meaning is hard to reach even through meditation eternal Truth, Consciousness and Bliss, I always remember Thee
  7. Thou art Vishnu himself as well as a devotee of God Constantly meditating on God by drinking the nectar of God’s name one attains God’s holy eternal abode
  8. Thou givest to the ignorant true knowledge very difficult to attain I am without any spiritual practice, Thou art my only refuge 
  9. Thou art great like the sun dispelling the darkness of illusion Thou art the soul of all beings,Thou art the very life of Mahendra.

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