Navaratri Invitation


The Chairman of the Haidakhandi Samaj,
Shri Alok Banerjee is sending a warm invitation to you
to participate in the Chaitra Navaratri
Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham.



The celebrations will start on 6th and end on the 14th of April.
On the 15th we will celebrate Dashmi, the 10th day of Navaratri.

The successful program is the usual of Chandan, Aarti, Paduka puja, Devi puja, Saptasati, 9day Yagna, Bandara, Bhagwat reading and Aarti & Kirtan.
The experience however is never the usual since Babaji is vividly present and ultimately conducting this blissful event.
There will be great expressions of devotion in the various puja’s and kirtan sessions but to the open mind and heart life altering experiences is is the true divine miracle unfolding again and again on this beautiful celebrations in this very auspicious place.

Please come and join us for this years celebration and if you can do come a bit early and be part of the preparations that will deepen your whole experience of Herakhan and the festival.

If you are unable to join us in Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham in India then please take a few days of your busy life to participate in the other ashrams of Babaji around the world to benefit from the sacredness of this moment in time. It is said that our penance and practice done in those days is multiplied and amplified, so please do take these days to do what you can and direct yourself towards the Divine light.

Shri Durga Maya ki Jai!
Bhole Baba ki Jai !


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