That is my real form

Somewhere in 1983, Bhuri Begum from Holland made the first edition of the green picture book of Babaji. By far the most beautiful production of anything printed for Babaji at that time.
I was standing close to Babaji when He was going through the book page by page. It was fantastic and I enjoyed every page, was happy that it was made and had arrived. Some unique pictures never seen before were there.
Babaji paged thru every page but did not seem happy when He was done and said there is no picture of Munindra Maharaj. (old Herakhan Baba).
“That is my real form” He said.

What does that mean, My real form ???

From all the stories I have heard and pasted together thru the years I must say that the official story of Babaji appearing in the cave as an old man and being a young man an hour later does not stick with me personally anymore. For me this is somehow the moment where he offered himself to the world but I feel personally that the rest is created by ardent devotees in need for a good story. I never heard Babaji saying that this was how it happened. There is even a picture which is said that is made before the cave appearance and was taken in Okuldunga, 5 kilometer from Herakhan. This one :


There are stories that He stayed some time with His old friend and renowned saint Neemkaroli Baba in his ashram incognito. (His beautiful Kanchi ashram is on the way to Ranikhet)  But here I have one more version which came to me thru a devotee of Nantin Baba. Nantin Baba was a renowned saint of a respectable age when Babaji came in 1970. Amongst devotees then there was a dispute and Nantin Baba was asked by the court of Nanital to see if Babaji was an imposter interested in the possessions or the real Herakhan Baba as He said Himself. They met in Surya Dev, a tiny village with a temple some 8 Km away from Herakhan. Both came with a flock of devotees but being there in that place, they never spoke or even came close to each other. Babaji had somebody bring food to Nantin Baba which he accepted. Nantin Baba accepting food was out of the ordinary as he was a true yogi and very precise with what he ate and never did if he did not know who cooked it and with what ingredients.  After some time, Babaji and devotees left. The reporters and devotees who were present were surprised about the proceedings all came to Nantin Baba to ask what he had seen. The Guru answered that he had seen a very very old man. With puzzled faces, they said but he is very young, you are old. No, compared to Him, I am only a child, he answered.

From a devotee from Nantin Baba I have heard that he had told him that Babaji had performed Kaya Kalp, a secret deep and long ayurvedic, yogi practice to renew your physical body.

And so stories are many, but the mystery of who what and where about Babaji remains. Even in Yogananda’s book, Babaji was a mystery appearing and disappearing unpredictably as well as in the book Herakhan Baba known and unknown which talks about Shri Munindra’s leela’s only it was never clear where He came from, when He would come and when He would leave. So many stories about from Babaji like being in Tibet a big Rimpoche hundreds of years back, being present in the Maha Bharat at Krishna’s time on earth about 2500 years back and the stories go on and on. Some may have been inventions, but some have been acknowledged by Babaji.

What really matters is that Babaji is now in your life perhaps by just reading about Him in this story or because you have been His devotee in this life. It is said He is around since thousands of years to support humanity. It is also said that he pulls in His devotees again and again, life after life…. Perhaps you have been with Him for 100 life times, perhaps you meet Him for the first time. We do not really remember past lives so there is no difference for our minds in that other then the illusions we self create. What makes the difference is how you can benefit now in this life time that He has come, He who sustains humanity to see if and how He can uplift you. This mysterious saint has come to you and now it is up to you what you will do with this.

Not that now with His arrival your karma’s are over and life is a breeze… times it seems the opposite for the ardent devotee. Thru our prayers for liberation and freedom our karmic processes can speed up and that is often not experienced as easy going. When we connect with Him deep inside and on a regular daily bases, it does make us stronger to confront our daily dose of life. His light shining thru does make us see certain things more clear if we are truthful, that is not always easy to accept that what is. On the path to the Divine the non sense has to burn off, have to fall away so celebrate knowing Him, dear ones reading this, look for Him in your heart, call on Him and give your self the greatest gift on earth. Practice enhances your focus!

Shri Munindra Maharaj ki Jai !



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