The Dam construction close to Herakhan


by Raghuvir

The project of contracting a dam about 8 Km from Herakhan started in the 70s.
In these 40+ years there have been several peaks in activity around its construction and a lot of money has disappeared in research and preliminary work.
International experts on dam building have on the governments invitation given their assessment. Babaji has spoken about it several times with government servants, with locals with devotees for all this was well in progress while Babaji lived in Herakhan. It seems He said many things, but I am aware He said that the dam will be build but the water will not cover Herakhan. International experts have advised against a high dam construction because of the loose consistency of the mountains themselves in that area. We have signed petitions before, new land has already been allocated for the construction of a “new Herakhan”.

What ever it may be, Lord Shiva, Babaji has His beloved place in Herakhan, and He named and hailed its importance many times in His speeches. The Lord of the Universe present in the heart of humanity, did not seem worried. In a speech about the kranti Babaji warned about big changes on our planet, where there will be land there will be water and where there is water there will be land. For those who have any faith in HIM it cannot be a worry that this heavenly place, He named the center of the universe will disappear under water. If He wills it, it will happen, if He does not it will not happen, It is as simple as that!

It is however a great moment of learning about our faith in Him, the continuous need for our mind to worry and think about things that we cannot change.
Let us instead make Herakhan and all of Babaji’s other ashrams more beautiful, bigger and better organized so more people can come to seek refuge and meet the Lord so strongly present there. Let us repeat our mantra’s, sing His names with love and devotion and do service, active participation in upholding and expanding his ashrams and organization. Even if the Lord may have decided to engulf Herakhan for a few decades under water for purification, He may change His ideas if He sees us all in active devotion working and dancing in His Divine light.

Babaji : Have faith, Everything depends on faith!



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