The Paradise Gardens

By Raghuvir

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Wonders are happening in the gardens of Sadashiva Dham, the Dutch ashram and bigger ones in the pipeline. An extremely zealous brother named Sat Pal has been inspired by Mother Nature itself it seems to manifest Nandan Van ( Gardens of Paradise ) in Sadashiva Dham. He is already busy for a while but things are really starting to take shape now. At first the Samaj/ashram board was overwhelmed by all the wild plans and boundless energy that Sat Pal introduced but as things are taking shape and slowly his enthusiasm is catching on. Even in the cold Dutch winter and under lockdown people are leaving their warm houses and help to create the model gardens. The Samaj has allotted and considerable financial grant to finance all the plans. The Dutch however are but a few people and the lockdown has damaged the cash flow in a very unfavourable manner. So here is an appeal to the larger Babaji community to see if we can share our enthusiasm to blow wind in the sails of this contagiously creative and energetic brother creating paradise in Babaji’s home in Holland.

The Dutch Ashram & Temple Sadashiva Dham

We have about 8 hectares of land around Sadashiva Dham with forest, meadows and gardens. The new plans are comprehensive of building a permaculture and bringing the quality of the soil back to what it once was, the ancient natural soil with fungi and bacteria to restore the ecosystem in its full glory. Orchards with a wide variety of fruits and nuts, extensive vegetable & herb gardens, flowerbeds (to supply all the puja’s ) all in harmony with each other according to old systems enriched with modern science and technologies. The veg gardens with herbs shaped in trigrammen ( think of I Ching ) and chakra’s, with ponds of water a harmony between trees, plants, birds and insects will create a well being between all these sentient beings. What a wonder to do karma yoga in such a blessed environment that can serve as a model for other places to follow just like Babaji’s teachings. Creating the new world while the old is crumbling around us. But as stated in the beginning….we need some help from you to make it happen and being truthful….we need it fast as we are doing already as you are reading this. So not to stop the flow a swift action would be perfect. To come and actually work at this wonder you do need to contact the ashram ( to check voor the present options during these covid times. For more information on details you can write to the man himself
Sat Pal : but it would be wonderful if the reaction about this is goes a bit beyond likes, hearts and Bhole Baba ki Jai”s so it can actually happen.

invest in nature@Sadashiva Dham

Your kind financial participation on this project will be highly appreciated by all and in particularly you, when you will actually come and see what your donation turned into :

Stichting Haidakhan Samaj in Loenen
IBAN- NL17INGB0000325925
Please do mention ; Garden project with the transfer.

Share this info far and wide.

Here some pictures of what is on the way to Paradise gardens.

The pond under creation
Sat Pal on the go.
I see now that it is impossible at this point to show in pictures the beauty of what is there and even more what is under creation. You know by now that in the Dutch devotees do a nice job, so take my word for it.
The idea is to have the Divine Mother expressed
in the harmony between the sentient beings in nature,
you included.

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Jagdambe mata ki Jai!

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