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Anup Jalota



by Raghuvir

During a trip in Baroda it was a bit of an awkward moment in morning just before lunch that a famous indian bhajan player was coming and wanted to play something at Babaji’s feet.
Babaji came out and set on the assan which was there prepared for Him. There were only 5/6 people around on that moment and he was a bit of a chubby fellow well dressed in kurta pyjama. He was given an harmonium and his hands flew over the keyboard and I sat next to him.
In my mind I was judging him for his off timing appearance as well as his showing off on the keyboard.
Then he opened his mouth and started singing……….
The heavens opened and my heart stood still…………never heard something so beautiful sitting so close, I was completely stunned……
Mind was still and in awe enjoying this celestial voice and devotional expression.
It was Anup Jalota.
Here is one beautiful bhajan from him.



It was just a 10 minute or so performance. I did see after how my mind judged him on some silly ideas I had in my mind. As soon as he opened his mouth all that was blown away.
I saw there how this happens all the time in our mind and how it prevents us from experiencing what is really unfolding in front of us. We do not really see another person, we can often not see thru the dense fabric of our thoughts and judgements and see only that veil of our own thoughts. It is the same with judging ourselves and creates extra layers of veils clouding our vision. A great injustice to others as well as our selves often stemming out of fear and insecurity. Feeling bad about doing this does not help and identifies us even more with useless thoughts but paying attention and staying aware as a witness of what is rolling around in our mind will eventually lead to see this futile mental action in the very moment it happens. That is the beginning of the end of Judgement where we can start to experience the truth of that what is.

Babaji did not give Anup Jalota a lot of attention apart from the usual courtesy and for what I know they never met again. But I had that joy once more and even better in the homely surroundings of Dr Clercks residence in Bombay. I was by chance in the city and was invited over that evening. He played many bhajans and in between chatted with the people. A wonderful evening which is still fresh in my memory……