VISITING PUJARI at Kamalaya Wellness Resort

There are the usual benefits of doing Babaji’s yoga and the blessings which come with that but many jobs also have extra benefits as all sorts of skills are highly sought after in different places. Feel invited to respond if you have the skills and some time to spare to help grow and maintain Babaji’s organisation and spread the word.

Visiting pujari at Kamalaya

DescriptionPerforming daily (morning and evening) puja and aarati for Kamalaya’s temple + temple area cleaning and maintenance.
What is required: Familiarity with pujari work and daily aarati
Good English
Where: Kamalaya Wellness Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand
What is offered: 10,000 Thai Baht per month
plus free accommodation and meals adjusted to length of stay
Period length:
3 month period is preferred
Which period: After october 2018
Person to contact: for more information and availability (exact dates of period)
Romi -
Date of announcement: 20/06/2017


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  1. How much is room and board? I used to be pharisees in old Boston center in 80s

  2. How much is room and board?

    • It’s “free accommodation and meals adjusted to length of stay” as noted in the table. For any questions, please write directly to the contact person above.

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