We are Mahendra

By Raghuvir

Shri Muniraj announced, already over 10 years ago that Babaji has taken a physical form again. Perhaps He is with other immortals and great yogi’s somewhere in the Himalaya far from disturbance doing His work in guiding humanity to a higher plan. That is very comforting to know but feeble and wavering minds, that most of us have, are hungry for more. Imagine this who do not even know about this direct Divine presence that Babaji is. Before meeting Babaji I had no idea or understanding of what this meant like most people on earth lost in me and mine, yesterday and tomorrow.

In the Bible it says somewhere that God is a jealous God. Of course God is not under the influence of lower human tendencies like jealousy but the meaning is deeper and a great pointer. If one is not having the focus on the Divine, then it is elsewhere. The mind will be occupied with past and future stories and experiencing our Divine essence is not happening.

We are so deeply imprisoned in our mind and personality that even when we are praying, we pray with mental images and desires. Several veils are always clouding our direct experience. Babaji advices Karma Yoga because (kriya Yoga ) mediation with an unperturbed mind is very hard to reach for most people in this day and age. The mantra is an enormous help for a wavering mind, like crutches are for unstable legs so the mantra helps the unsteady mind. Om Namah Shivaya mantra is probably as old as life itself but the presence of Lord Shiva on earth directing and guiding humanity through these perilous times and Babaji’s physical presence from 1970 to 1984 has reinvigorated its enormous power. Babaji said about Japa ; The mind can be purified only by japa. This is the only medicine for the disease of the mind. While your mind and heart are impure, how can God live in your heart? The water to clean your heart is the Name of God. So teach everyone to repeat the name of God.

On the many reaction on this “calling Babaji” request several tell me that they are already doing all kind of practice, or that counting is not needed, Babaji has never left for me etc. I am nobody to judge what you do or do not do, I am just asking my brothers and sisters to join in a united effort to call Babaji amongst us to enlighten the hearts of many, saving many lost souls in the unfolding kranti. If you do not want to count, don’t count, but do japa anyway. Babaji gave me once 125.000 Mantras for Ma to do in 9 days and I know I am not the only one. Also for those who have problems with my personality I say for this purpose to go beyond this and let us unite our devotional forces for the benefit much beyond you and me. Babaji loves us all equaly so let us unite in HIM. Paramguru Shri Mahendra Maharaj called Babaji into the physical form with a life long heart desire and an unwavering focus. He dedicated His whole life to the Divine and was a great yogi gaining siddhis ( spiritual powers). Not for his own benefit or glory but purely to call The Divine that he had visions of as a child. He asked Babaji to come and show Himself and walk amongst humanity. Babaji was enticed by him and came to bless and warn humanity for that what is unfolding now in the world around us.

We devotees of Babaji who had a glimpse of His bliss who experience this in one or the other way have a task to call together on The Lord to request Him to come and adorn His assan in Herakhan again not just for our own pleasure and benefit but for the benefit of all humanity. In these dark times His presence will be a beacon of Light that will remind many people of their own Divine nature. Let us together embody the spirit of Shri Mahendra Maharaj, let us unite a universal call. You who is reading this can be part of of something that will actually make a very big difference in how this Kranti will evolve.

Nantin Baba, a well known saint in the kumoun area was asked by the court to identify Babaji as Herakhan Baba. They met twice and while Nantin Baba was of advanced age and Babaji appeared as a young boy he said that Babaji was an old man compared to him. He also said He would leave after a few years and return again as a young boy. In Radheshyam’s book, “ I am Harmony” there is written that Babaji told Hem Chand Bhatt He would leave in 1984, He also said He would return if someone like Mahendra Maharaji called Him back.

This is us brothers and sisters , WE ARE MAHENDRA !
Let us call Babaji with united efforts.

Express daily your wish to Babaji for Him to come amongst us when you sit and do your practice.

Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya

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