You monkeys and bears

By Raghuvir

Babaji was addressing us with , you monkey and bears. That may not seem flattering at first glance but actually it is. Lord Ram won the great battle of the Ramayana with His army of monkeys and bears. Babaji speaking to us means those present but considering He is the Divine it means also you who taking the time to read messages concerning Babaji and feeling Him in your heart.
The Ramayana war is described as a kind world war, pivotal moment in time where evil had to be subdued by the Divine for the proper evolution of mankind. A kranti, a revolution we can call it also.

These monkeys and bears were most probably also not the kind of animals that we use these words for. This a very long ago and could have been very rough & wild tribes, forest dwellers or neanderthalers or ? The human race that inhabited North India at that time and Lord Rama were homo sapiens (most probably). They were also the ones have also narrated this history and most probably saw themselves as a superior race. But the beauty of the Ramayana epic is that we have all equal chances of harmonising with the Divine. Lord Hanuman being the best example. Depicted as a monkey he non the less possessed al the Divine virtues and that gave him extraordinary powers.

So also us brothers and sisters, we have the Divine present in our heart, and perhaps not fully yet but we are becoming aware of that. We are those monkeys and bears by haven woken up partially, by having interest in harmonising with our Divine essence and taking action to deepen that bond and understanding. Most people in the world have do not have such interest and are obeying to the ‘demons’ of fear, desire, lust, pride, jealousy, laziness and so on and are oblivious of their Divine essence. You however have had a taste and are called. Praise the Lord in His Divine glory !

Again humanity find themselves in a pivotal moment of time in this period. Babaji came to warn us and spoke of it often in His 14 year presence. With our world sliding down into the abyss it is such a comforting notion that Babaji is taking care of us in the middle of these turbulent times. Of course we will need to practice Faith for it is easy to fall prey to fear and all the other ‘demons’ when they bang on your door. Even with faith this can happen….here a solid daily practice is a lifesaver. When our senses are let free a lot of mental distractions arise and we easily fall prey to an endless stream of desires. Through doing practice one can can be saved from getting into a lot of trouble. Many of us have done an increased practice in these days and you may have noticed how it gives strength, how it provides a light in the dark and stability in movement. Quite the opposite of what life presents us generally these days.

So you monkeys and bears, on the 14th of February it is 37 years that Babaji left His Assan in Herakhan. It is just a few days that we can intensify our practice to completely this sequence to show your Love for Babaji in practice and gave strength to your request to Him to physically return to shine amongst humanity as a Divine presence. It will safe so many people from being lost in the darkness. There is only 2 kind of people who do not wish for Babaji to return. Those who are completely focussed on Him all the time and the ignorant ones. Don’t heed remarks and thoughts of I do not need Babaji to come. This is self-serving egoism, it is not about you or me ( maybe a little bit ) but about helping humanity through this perilous moment in time with the Divine shining in our midst.

Sadhana whalon ki Jai !
Bhole Baba ki Jai !
Jai Mahamaya Ki Jai !

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  1. *** please delete the previous one *****

    ♡ Ma Om Namah shivay’ dearest Bears and Monkeys sisters and brohers of our Haidakhan Family ♡

    I really love the way Babaji calls us : bears and monkeys are so precious to Nature as well as, like in Ramayana indeed, are so vital to Ram’success over the dark forces.

    In those dark times upon Mother Earth, we certainly can choose to be the current bears and monkeys making ourselves available to be in full service to Babaji.

    I have been therefore joining this amazing world wide inner call to daily recite 108 Om Namah Shivay’ I have been actually singing. I so love singing from deep within.

    I am awaiting like you for Babaji to return upon our Beloved Maother Earth.

    ♡ Bole bole Babaji Ki Jai ♡

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